1. Glasses, Glasses, Everywhere! You will see lots of glasses in different areas of the person’s home.
  2. An individual may appear more clumsy or bump into objects or knock objects over when reaching for something.
  3. When walking they may step hesitantly when the flooring changes or when there is threshold changes.
  4. They may tilt their head often or move around more when looking to read or locate objects in their environment
  5. They may complain they cant see your face but can make out other features of you like your clothes or your hair color.
  6. Their clothing may not match or they may not look as put together as they once did before.
  7. They may prefer to be sitting more than normal and not joining social activities as they once did prior.
  8. They may have discontinued reading or have given up leisure activities they once enjoyed.
  9. Handwriting tasks are more difficult and they may ask for help from their family for these tasks or show a difference in quality of writing.
  10. They may talk about getting a shot in their eyes or seeing the eye doctor more often.

BONUS PRO TIP: They may not want to loose their license to drive so they will only drive during the day and will no longer drive when its dusk or dark to prevent loosing their license.

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